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Shannen Doherty (hra PRUE)

24. 2. 2006

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(david miedzianik, 4. 7. 2008 12:47)

todays date: 4th july 2008: INDEPENDENCE DAY 2008: a sign of MODERN TIMES: for what good it is knowing this here in LONDON: ???? computer CONNECTIONS: LONDON: near MARTIN IN THE FIELDS CHURCH: LONDON: PS:
i've been here in london, since the begining of 2008 really ??? i don't go back much to SOUTH YORKSHIRE now ??? at least up to now ??? not much good anymore eh ???


(lucia raticova, 5. 11. 2007 18:54)

este ze aby ich nikdy nemenili!!!!!!!!!!!!!§


(lucia raticova, 5. 11. 2007 18:53)

ja len ze carodejnice su suprove a nevimenila by som tento serial za inyyyy..........

Shannen Doherty

(nikita999, 27. 2. 2006 20:56)

Ešte viac!!!!!!!!!!!!