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Shannen Doherty(Prue)




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(david christopher miedzianik, 7. 8. 2009 12:36)

todays date: MODERN TIMES: for all i care ???

i put my name down on THE ELECTORAL REGISTOR here in camden today: SEEING I MET frank dobson yesterday: david christopher miedzianik CAMDEN LIBRARY london


(david miedzianik, 6. 8. 2009 17:59)

i met frank dobson today: THE MP for camden london: he was talking at travistock square gardens i think it's called: still down and out here in a way ??? eh ??? camden library london


(david christopher miedzianik, 11. 3. 2008 13:07)

ANYONE KNOWS how to get their clothers off tonight ???? as i'm off down PARIS, FRANCE, again tonight: cyber-cafe opposite VICTORIA RAILWAY STATION: LONDON: i might be able to have a good cuddle with someone, on the coach down there, or something ??? KISSY, KISSY, KISS, KISS: david miedzianik: rainmanhallelujah@hotmail.com
maybe PRINCESS BEATRICE could meet me down PARIS ??? as isn't this where they cut Lady Diana's head off or something ??? i could be a good KING me couldn't i ???????? £666 a day pocket money or something ???


(sissi, 1. 10. 2007 18:47)

o nej som si nemzslela ze je arogantná ako sa tu píse ale co uz


(mimo, 25. 9. 2007 12:31)

tento serial je super


(any camden, 22. 9. 2006 15:16)

hello ich heise anna und ich bin eein mega fan fon euch dreun ich habe auch jede folge fon euch schon mindestens5 mal geseher bitte schickt mir alle und auch damonen fon allen mitspeilern eutogrmmme und so dass och auch weis welche unterschrift von wem ist

anna anna anna anna anna bitte bitte bitte


(nikita999, 27. 2. 2006 20:47)

aj sem by ste mohli dačo pridat!