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Galéria v zostave: Piper,Phoebe,Paige(Paige je v seriály od štvrtej série).


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(david christopher miedzianik, 11. 3. 2008 12:59)

WHAT CAN I WRITE TO GET A DATE OUT THESE DAYS ??? EH ??? cyber-cafe opposite VICTORIA RAILWAY STATION: LONDON: i'm off to PARIS, FRANCE, again tonight: i bought my ticket there this morning:
THERE MIGHT BE SOME MUSIC down in PARIS, FRANCE, or something ??? i'm bob dylan's greatest bbc radio request writer: i saw he's playing at least 2 gigs in france this year: i saw it on bob dylan's web-site thing: HOW ROMANTIC ????????????


(Íva, 16. 1. 2007 13:12)

Jsou fajn a bezva.Jsem jedna z nich.Zní to divně ale je to pravda.