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ObrazekNa začiatku prvej série mala Prue krátke,čierne vlasy s ofinkou.Končeky vlasov mala mierne zvlnené.

ObrazekV strede prvej série,Prue začala nosiť okuliare,vlasy jej dorástli o pár centimetrov a ofinku mala prestrihanú a nosila ju na boku.

ObrazekKu koncu série mala Prue dlhšie vlasy,"vopchali" sa jej už do gumičky.Ofinu a vlasy v predu mala postupne zostrihané.


Začiatok druhej série:Prue má vlasy pomerne dlhé-po ramená.Ofinka z prvej série jej dorástla do dlžky vlasov,čiže ofinku už nemá.Vlasy má zvyčajne prehodené do strany.Obrazek

ObrazekStred série-Prueine vlasy su zase o čosi dlhšie.Namesto ofinky má v predu jeden kratší prameň vlasov.Obrazek

Ku koncu ma vlasy podobne ako v strede serie.Vyžehlené a o čosi dlhšie.


Začiatok série:o niečo kratšie ako v dvojke,mierne zvlnené.

V strede ma vlasy prestrihane,s miernou ofinkou po oboch stranách.

Ku koncu má dorastené,rovné vlasy s ofinou.



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(david christopher miedzianik, 19. 7. 2008 12:32)

DEAR ??? alf garnet, WARREN MITCHELL, was on the TV last night: david miedzianik: PS: and so was STAR TREK: JEN LUKE PLACARD: (spellings) i don't know ??? so was BIG BROTHER, etc ???


(david christopher miedzianik, 19. 7. 2008 12:29)

dear ??? was it that NUCLEAR FALLOUT SHELTER, i used to watch CHARMED, in ??? well it was something like that ??? it might have been one ??? it had 10 feet thick walls there or something ??? david miedzianik cyber-cafe: TRAVISTOCK SQUARE: LONDON: as good as anyway ???


(david christopher miedzianik, 19. 7. 2008 12:26)


DEAR ??? i put up 2 nights at this CHINESE GEASERS, HOTEL, here in LONDON, very near TRAVISTOCK SQUARE:
i think there was some USA women in this hotel none of them seemed to want me ??? at least not for a date out i think ??? although you can never really ever tell totally ??? it's my 52nd birthday on the 24th july 2008: never a date out these days not even for my birthday ????


(david christopher miedzianik, 19. 7. 2008 12:20)

DATE: MODREN TIMES EH ???? that's if you can get to see BILLY PIPER, of DR WHO, fame here down LONDON ever ???? like me eh ????

DEAR ???? well i have MR CLINTON'S SIGNED PHOTO back at my house in rotherham, south yorkshire: i still haven't paid the TV LICENCE: if anything happens to me putting me away wise. then i'll blame that signed photo won't i ??? after about 20 odd visits to the USA: i've not been using my house for the last 6 months so i might be ok with the TV LICENCE ???? david miedzianik cyber-cafe just off TRAVISTOCK SQUARE: LONDON: i've been down to paris, france this last week or so: i don't think they use TV LICENCES, in PARIS, FRANCE, do they ??? i used to write to DENNIS MAC SHANE, EX EURO-MINISTER, he should see me ok shouldn't he ????

david miedzianik

(rainmanhallelujah@hotmail.com, 18. 7. 2008 20:45)


i've not put my adverts in KERRANG! for over a year or so: maybe that's whats up with me ???? depends on who you ask down here eh ??? i've been living in LONDON "most of the time" since the start of 2008:
PRINCESS BEATRICE is 20 years old, on the 8th AUGUST 2008 down here in LONDON too: i've not seen bob dylan play this year 2008 up to now either: i saw him play LIVE twice last year APRIL 2007 NEWCASTLE, and SHEFFIELD: i'm bob dylan's greatest bbc radio request writer: :(STILL): i saw WARREN MITCHELL in the play VISITING MR GREEN 3 times down here in LONDON too: you know ALF GARNETT in TILL DEATH US DO PART:


(david christopher miedzianik, 18. 7. 2008 20:39)

dear ???????? i've been on the computers most of the day at TRAVISTOCK SQUARE: CYBER-CAFE: LONDON: i've been using THAT "YOU TUBE" cyber-cafe just down the road from TRAVISTOCK SQUARE: LONDON: i've just come back from PARIS, FRANCE, again: i saw BASTELE DAY in paris too (spellings ???) i don't know ???? a sign of MODERN TIMES still can't spell 100% well: bob dylan is down in SPAIN right now: or just set off from SPAIN ??? maybe why SPAIN won that FOOTBALL CUP eh ???


(david christopher miedzianik, 20. 6. 2008 18:58)

it cost me £12 to get told to go from THE IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM LONDON today: it might be OK as i have MR CLINTON'S SIGNED PHOTO: USA PRESIDENT 8 YEARS: let the B2 STEALTH PLANES roll out of MISSOURI as they won't answer my PRINCESS BEATRICE advert in PRIVATE EYE MAGAZINE: i fancy a job here in london as KING OF BRITAIN ??? WOW WHAT a good job that would be ??? seeing i haven't been offered one in the last 3 years or so down here: i know people in the USA MILITARY: so i might be OK ??? david miedzianik
cyber-cafe VICTORIA RAILWAY STATION: rainmanhallelujah@hotmail.com
i was in IDAHO SPRINGS, COLORADO, USA on SEPTEMBER 11th 2001: i've been to the usa about 20 times or so:

david miedzianik christopher

(rainmanhallelujah@hotmail.com, 13. 4. 2008 14:45)

DEAR ???? i've hit the road again today 13th APRIL 2008: (PAULINE'S BIRTHDAY my neigbour in rotherham) i might try and spend the night in a LONDON cyber-cafe or something ??? no work, no dates out with women, not even MR CLINTON'S SIGNED PHOTO here: as i've left that back at my house in rotherham, south yorkshire: PAULINES SON is an aircraft design enginer:(spellings) ??? so with any luck the B2 STEALTH PLANES might be mobilised or something ??? with MR CLINTON'S SIGNED PHOTO: cyber-cafe LONDON DROP IN CENTRE: OR MAYBE DROP OUT CENTRE ??? i don't know ??? near KINGS CROSS:

david christopher miedzianik

(rainmanhallelujah@hotmail.com, 10. 4. 2008 14:17)

i'm now near VICTORIA RAILWAY STATION LONDON: i might try and get back to ROTHERHAM, SOUTH YORKSHIRE, to get a years sick note ???? i have tickets to see BARBARA DICKSON here in LONDON on the 19th april and the 20th april 2008: at THE SHAW THEATRE near KINGS CROSS: david miedzianik cyber-cafe near VICTORIA RAILWAY STATION: LONDON: PS: i'm going to these concerts by myself: maybe i could, get a date out here, by someone CHARMED ???


(david christopher miedzianik, 16. 3. 2008 20:12)

i found some money in my boots in a PARIS CHURCH; so i can use the cyber cafe. LAST NIGHT WAS SPENT IN FRONT OF GARDE DU NORDE STATION: not all that good for someone with MR CLINTONS SIGNED PHOTO: you said i let you down BUT YOU KNOW ITS NOT LIKE THAT ???? i ought to sleep out where the FRENCH PRIME MINISTER is near PLAS DU LA CONCORDE /spelling/ now i have MR CLINTONS SIGNED PHOTO: its TOP MILITARY CLEARENCE Presidents signature CANT THE B2 STEALTH PLANES roll out of MISSOURI ??? well they wont give me PRINCESS BEATRICE down here: so i can be KING OF BRITAIN or something ??? THEY CUT LADY DIANAS head off down here: well what was her injouries ??? I saw THE WHO here in PARIS 6TH JUNE 2007: they were good when KIETH MOON used to play drums for them MAD MAN MOON:


(david christopher miedzianik, 13. 3. 2008 13:03)

CHRISTOPHER +spellings+


(david chritopher miedzianik, 13. 3. 2008 13:02)

MAYBE MARIE i think she:s called ??? might be back on GARDE DU NORDE ??? TONIGHT ??? she:s from some CATHOLIC CHURCH or something around here ??? MAYBE POPE BENIDICT 16th has sent her down here for all i know ??? i might be HOLLIER THAN THOU now i have MR CLINTON,S SIGNED PHOTO ??? david miedzianik cyber cafe naer GARDE DU NORDE: RAILWAY STATION: PARIS:

LAST VISIT TO PARIS WAS ON SUPER TUESDAY: i stopped a few days here: maybe better luck this time ?? or you;d better you:d better you:d bet kind of LUCK ?? or something ???

PETER TOWNSEND wasn!t he something to do with PRINCESS ANNE or something ??? thats what my old mum used to say; i think that guitarist from THE WHO just took that name or sometthing or other ???


(david christopher miedzianik, 13. 3. 2008 12:50)


i got booked into a PARIS hotel by myself alone! there was JAMES BLUNT on about a couple of 100 yards away at the music place THE ZENNETH:
i;m fed up of going to concerts alone in a place like PARIS; IF I CAN REMEMBER WHAT DAY IT IS HERE ??? it said 12th on THE ZENNETH i thought it was the 13th thats what happens when i travel a lot: bob dylan is doing FRANCE in june 19TH JUNE i think ??? plus one other date: THE WHO did PARIS 6th JUNE 2007; D DAY LANDINGS or something 6TH JUNE ??? i did see THE WHO here last year; david miedzianik still in PARIS; are the women here still too CATHOLIC to meet me ???

i met someone at the coffee kitchen last visit to PARIS: outside GARDE DU NORDE RAILWAY STATION; maybe she;ll meet me again with a hot coffee and a few biscuts as that was all it was about: i didnt get back here until now, because of THE DUKE OF YORK
pub that is in LONDON; i thought i might get a date with PRINCESS BEATRICE and i had one GUINNESS too many and the woman at VICTORIA wouldnt let me go: but anyway i;m now back here in PARIS:

PPS; it took me 1 month to get back instead of next day or was it the day after that ??? sorry i don;t understand the notation on this FRENCH computer:


(david christopher miedzianik, 12. 3. 2008 13:25)

dear i.m i paris now. i,m not very good at the notation on this computer. any chance of a date out now !!! david miedzianik cyber cafe paris france


(david christopher miedzianik, 11. 3. 2008 12:47)

i'm not sure if MADDONA doesn't have an apartment down PARIS, or something ??? i'm tired as i can't find out how to live properly down here: i stopped outside ST PAULS CHURCH last night: a bit nippy: i'm bob dylan's greatest bbc radio request writer: cyber-cafe outside VICTORIA RAILWAY STATION: LONDON: catching the coach to paris tonight: WHAT A TURN ON: ??? i should get my money back from the trip if i don't find the LOVE OF MY LIFE DOWN THERE:
too tired to write much more: i don't get much sleep by myself on the church steps do i ??? can't syntax right with a bad lot of sleep eh ??
i have a better pair of pants on this visit: to paris: the others were more like PJ POBIES: (speelings)

david miedzianik

(rainmanhallelujah@hotmail.com, 3. 3. 2008 23:52)

there's loads of USA women here: although i can't seem to find one ??? i've been going down to THE IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM here: still no luck over a girlfriend: although i might have some luck at getting someone to roll the B2 STEALTH PLANES out of MISSOURI and flatten LONDON as i have MR CLINTON'S SIGNED photo: unless MELODY at THE WAR MUSEUM might date or something ??? failing that, that BLONDE HAIRDED VISA woman from the USA EMBASSY here might go out with me ??? i ran out of 90 day visa waver things after about 20 odd visits to the USA: she stamped my pasport VISA APPLICATION RECEIVED: i didn't really want a USA VISA as much as a girlfriend ??? so i don't know ??? that was back in APRIL 2006: i think ??? MR CLINTON COMADERING CHIEF USA ARMED FORCES 8 years EH ???


(david miedzianik, 1. 3. 2008 2:11)

i'm here in a LONDON cyber-cafe by myself: i have no-one: what the women here need is the same more or less in any LANGUAGE ??? KISSY, KISS, KISS:

david miedzianik cyber-cafe near TRAFALGAR SQUARE: LONDON: i'm also bob dylan's greatest bbc radio request writer:

maybe that's why bob dylan played PARIS last year ??? i went to see THE WHO there last year instead of bob dylan: I THOUGHT THIS MIGHT CREATE A SONG ??? SOMEHOW ???


(prue, 23. 11. 2007 16:24)



(lilo, 24. 6. 2007 18:55)

si naj shannen doherty odpoveť mi zabie ťa shax pozerala som sa na teba od začiatku a zvikla som si na teba a tak mi odpoveť či ťa zabie alebo nie nechcem abi si zomrela

david christopher miedzianik

(rainmanhallelujah@hotmail.com, 6. 6. 2007 2:23)

kissy, kissy, kissy, kiss, kiss: i need a girlfriend 24/7 ??? rainmanhallelujah@hotmail.com
cyber-cafe near kings cross railway station: london: